Midland Fast Facts | Midland, TX (2024)

Midland Fast Facts | Midland, TX (1)

Welcome to Midland - where you can Feel the Energy!

Known as one of America's top oil producers, this city thrives on its petroleum industry. With a semi-arid climate, Midland offers a unique blend of energy and weather that sets it apart from other destinations. Beyond its oil roots, this town boasts 50 breathtaking parks, a flourishing downtown scene, mouthwatering restaurants, captivating museums, and even a minor league baseball team - the Rockhounds. Not to mention the nightlife here has you covered! Midland doesn’t shy away from offering numerous bars and breweries to exciting clubs; the city offers a perfect mix for an ideal night out.

Additionally, there are 27 elementary schools, five junior high schools, and 8 high schools. Some of these are specialty schools that help propel kids to a new level in certain academic subjects. And let’s not forget about Midland College, providing higher education right in your own backyard. Did we mention it is home to George W. Bush’s childhood home? Midland is also home to large international corporations, expanding family businesses, and entrepreneurs seeking growth opportunities. The city presents abundant job opportunities while nurturing a strong sense of togetherness. Midland is a city that embraces newcomers with open hearts and friendly faces. The possibilities here are endless. Don’t miss out on a city that truly offers it all.

Midland 2023 Rankings & Statistics

1. 2023 enplanement numbers projected to out-pace pre-COVID enplanement record set back in 2019 at MAF

  • Enplanement numbers in Midland are up on average 11% in comparison to 2022
  • Total Rev. Enplanements monthly average in 2023: 51,330
    Source: MAF Progress Reports

2. City on track to set the largest sales tax & revenue record of all time in 2023

  • The City of Midland is 23.97% ahead of last year when it comes to sales tax collected and on pace to set a new revenue record by nearly $7 million
  • City of Midland collected $6,391,671 of sales in May – one of the largest months on record. That amount brought the total this fiscal year to $45.51 million, which is not only $8.8 million more than last year (through eight months) but puts the city in comfortable position of breaking the previous record for sales tax collected (with room to spare)
  • The all-time high mark for an annual sales tax collection was $60.3 million in fiscal year 2019

Source: Texas Comptroller, https://www.mrt.com/news/local/article/city-midland-pace-shatter-annual-sales-tax-18092061.php

3. Midland ranked fastest-growing economy among the 100 largest midsize cities in the country

  • Economy is projected to grow at a rate of 6.7% in 2023
  • Expected to grow more than twice the size of San Francisco (the top city in the American Growth Project's January report)
  • Productivity in the oil sector drives our high performance with 30% of the workforce being employed by it. Technological advances in fracking have led to a boom in oil and the population with an increase of 30% since the 2010s

Source: Kenan Institute's American Growth Project

4. Midland MSA leads the nation with the largest percentage gain in employment

  • The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that in January, February, and March, the Midland MSA has seen the largest over-the-year percentage gain in employment in the nation

Source: https://www.bls.gov/eag/eag.tx_midland_msa.htm

5. Midland has the largest percentage of job growth of any region in the country

  • Data was measured from January 2022 to January 2023 and showed that Midland had an 11.4% increase in employment

Source: The Bureau of Labor Statistics

6. Apartment rent growth in Midland well-above state average

  • ApartmentList.com reported in its National Rent Report that the Petroplex cities rate first and second when it comes to rent growth compared to one year earlier
  • Rents in Odessa have jumped 20% in the last 12 months and rents in Midland are up 17.8%

7. Apartment occupancy rate on this rise post COVID-19

  • Occupancy Rate April 2023: 92.0, annual change +5.0%
  • Occupancy Rate April 2022: 87.7, annual change +14.7%
  • Occupancy Rate April 2021: 76.4, annual change -9.6% Source: ALN Apartment Data

8. Midland has highest GDP per capita nationwide

  • Midland’s GDP per capita is $242,730
  • The second highest GDP nationwide is in the San Jose California metropolitan area, which is $210,235
  • Personal income per capita in Midland is $125,455 – the third highest personal income amount in the nation
  • Midland has $40B in private industry GDP and $1B in government GDP. Midland is the only Texas metro area ranked inside the top 20 of all cities nationwide for GDP per capita

Source: Smartest Dollar, https://www.mrt.com/news/local/article/study-midland-highest-gdp-capita-nationwide-17839199.php#:%7E:text=Midland%20has%20the%20highest%20gross,metropolitan%20area%2C%20which%20is%20%24210%2C235

Midland Fast Facts | Midland, TX (2024)


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