19 Best Things to do in Midland, Texas (2024)

Located in West Texas in the Permian Basin, Midland is a bustling destination known for its culture, art and vibrant atmosphere.

It is also known for its oil industry and small-town charm.

There are plenty of things to do in Midland from adventure activities to museums and parks.

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Visitors can dine at unique restaurants or take part in various outdoor activities including biking trails, hiking, golf courses and fishing.

While there are plenty of recreational things to do during the day, Midland’s nightlife is also a highlight with several bars and entertainment spots that stay open until late.

Fun fact: Did you know, Midland is known as the Tall City because of the downtown skyline full of iconic tall buildings that can be seen from miles.

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Midland is famous for its beautiful open landscape and endless blue skies – perfect for all types of outdoor activities.

It is also home to innumerable indoor attractions including unique museums and stores.

Here are the best things to do in Midland, TX on your next trip.

Learn about Texas’s oil industry at the Permian Basin Petroleum Museum

The Permian Basin Petroleum Museum is one of Midland’s most popular attractions.

It provides a fascinating look into the past of the oil industry that has shaped both this region of the Lone Star State and the U.S. economy.

Visitors can learn about the history of drilling, refinery operations and other aspect of petroleum exploration within this unique museum.

They can see antique oil drilling equipment, historic artifacts, documents and displays from actual oil sites in the museum collection.

The museum provides a rare glimpse into this part of Texas’ heritage.

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Enjoy the artwork at Museum of the Southwest

Those looking to appreciate the art within Midland should head over to the Museum of the Southwest.

The museum features exhibits and permanent collections from local, national, and international artists.

Visitors can explore diverse works ranging from photography to paintings, sculptures to installations.

The museum also hosts educational programs for children such as art classes and summer camps every year.

Check out the Midland Downtown Farmer’s Market

The Midland Downtown Farmer’s Market is the place to go for fresh produce and artisan goods.

Every Saturday morning, vendors set up shop in this Western Texas City and offer a variety of locally-grown fruits, vegetables, meats, cheeses, baked goods and more.

Visitors can also find handmade jewelry and crafts along with a variety of hot foods.

The market is a great place to find unique gifts or treats while exploring Midland.

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Tour George W. Bush Childhood Home

The George W. Bush Childhood Home, located in Midland, Texas, is a unique museum dedicated to the former President’s formative years.

It showcases several items from his time spent there, including furniture and photos taken during the 1950s and ’60s.

The home provides insight into his humble beginnings and family life growing up.

Besides offering interesting dialogue about George W.’s childhood memories, this museum also serves as a reminder of just how much of an impact our world leaders have made throughout history.

Explore the trails at Sibley Nature Center

The Sibley Nature Center is the perfect spot for families looking to explore the native landscapes of West Texas.

With trails winding through desert scrublands, grasslands, and riparian woodlands are perfect for both leisurely strolls or strenuous hikes to seek out wildlife.

An interactive visitor center encourages visitors to learn about area plants, animals and geologic features of the area.

If you’re lucky, you may catch sight of one of Sibley’s resident horned lizards or even a roadrunner!

Visitors also often observe various wildlife such as deer, birds and turtles.

TheSibley Nature Center Library is also worth a visit.

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See the planes at Midland Army Air Field Museum Hangar

The Midland Army Airfield Museum is an excellent place to take the kids while visiting this part of West Texas.

Visitors can take a self-guided tour through the museum’s assortment of vintage airplanes and other artifacts.

Visitors can explore World War II artifacts such as military uniforms, equipment and aircraft, or check out interactive displays about WWII technology and weapons systems.

This experience full with stories from veterans is sure to provide an enriching lesson in aviation history for the entire family.

View the public art and murals in downtown Midland

Midland, TX has several outdoor art pieces that add more color to the scenery and are perfect Instagram spots.

The ‘Greetings From Midland’ mural, located at 900 N Big Spring St, is the most famous one.

It features elements such as iconic buildings, the Bush family, oil rigs, and pumpjacks.

The Downtown Pumpjacks Mural and the FaFa Gallery Mural depicting a classic West Texas sunset are other great spots for art lovers.

Pay your respects at the Permian Basin Vietnam Veterans Memorial

The Permian Basin Vietnam Veterans Memorial is a tribute to all those who served in the US military during the Vietnam War.

The memorial features a black granite wall with the names of fallen West Texans engraved on it, as well as artwork depicting scenes from the war.

This memorial is an excellent reminder of the sacrifices made by servicemen and women and is a great place to pay your respects.

Attend a show at the Wagner Noël Performing Arts Center

The Wagner Noël Performing Arts Center is a state-of-the-art facility located in the heart of downtown Midland.

It showcases some of the best performances from around the world.

From Broadway shows to classical concerts, this venue has something for everyone.

See a concert at Midland County Horseshoe Arena

The Midland County Horseshoe Arena is the largest entertainment venue in West Texas and hosts many concerts and performances throughout the year.

From country music to Christian rock, the arena consistently has a wide variety of acts on the stage.

This is an excellent destination for music lovers looking for a unique experience while visiting Midland, Texas.

Catch a game of the Midland Rockhounds

The Midland Rockhounds are a Minor League Baseball team of the Texas League and are affiliated with the Oakland Athletics.

Attending one of their games is great way to catch some live professional baseball and cheer on your hometown boys!

They play at Security Bank Ballpark, which has a capacity of over 6,000 people and offers plenty of concessions and drinks.

Or watch the Midland-Odessa Sockers FC play

Not into baseball? You can also catch a game of the Midland-Odessa Sockers FC.

They play in the National Premier Soccer League and are one of the top teams in the league.

See a movie at Big Sky Drive-In Theatre

The Big Sky Drive-In Theatre is a unique attraction in Midland, TX.

This outdoor theater has been around since the 1950s and still offers visitors the classic drive-in experience, complete with double features shown on two large screens.

Visitors can enjoy a movie or two under the stars while getting a taste of nostalgia.

Visit nearby Midland County Historical Museum

The Midland County Historical Museum offers visitors an in-depth look into the history and culture of this part of Texas.

The museum showcases a variety of artifacts and displays, including Native American pottery, vintage photographs and a replica of an 1800s log cabin.

This is the perfect spot to learn about the rich history of Midland, Texas.

Visit the amazing Turner Memorial Art Gallery

The Turner Memorial Art Gallery is an absolute treat for art lovers in Midland, Texas.

There is something to enjoy whether you love traditional artworks or want to explore the burgeoning landscape of modern pieces.

From landscapes and portraits to still life’s and abstracts, the gallery contains an array of works by 20th-century regional artists.

It provides a look into the regional culture that produced these dynamic works and allows visitors to learn more about prominent artists in the area.

Enjoy outdoor activities at Hogan Park

Hogan Park is a sprawling outdoor oasis located in Midland, TX.

The park features a number of recreational activities such as hiking, biking, golf course, baseball, and play areas.

This is an excellent spot for outdoor enthusiasts looking to explore the natural beauty of Midland.

See a performance of the Midland Community Theater

The Midland Community Theater is the city’s premier performing arts theater.

It offers a variety of stage performances, from live music and comedy shows to Broadway-style musicals and dramas.

The Midland Community theatre has been around for more than 40 years and is a great place to catch a show while visiting Midland.

Enjoy a unique shopping experience at local antique stores

Midland, TX is home to several unique antique stores that provide visitors with an opportunity to browse and purchase items from different eras.

These shops are full of one-of-a-kind finds, ranging from vintage furniture and home decor to rare collectibles.

Visitors can explore the different stores and find something special to take home with them.

Enjoy stargazing in Midland, Texas

Midland’s location in an area popularly known as Big Sky Country, also makes it popular with stargazers.

The dark skies and lack of light pollution offer up some of the clearest, most mesmerizing views of the night sky.

Midland, Texas may be a quaint town, but it has plenty to keep the whole family entertained.

What are your favorite things to do in Midland, Texas? Let us know below!

19 Best Things to do in Midland, Texas (2024)


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